Managing Your Rental Properties Effectively, Transparently, and Securely


311 Property Management turns your houses into cashflow.

Make more, doing less.

Owning and managing your property simultaneously can be costly and tedious. Allow us to help you maximize the return-on-investment by managing all your property needs. Our team of professionals works constantly to ensure that your investment is taken care of.

Let us take care of you.

Our team of experts takes the hassle out of owning a property. From pre-move-in to move-out, we manage everything, including charging rents, finding and screening tenants, repairs, evictions, and more.

311 Property Management manages repairs on your properties

311 Property Management is a Detroit Leader in the industry

311 Property Management is a Detroit Leader in the industry

Our Services


We service our tenants in a whole host of ways, including running background checks and drafting leases, delivering units to tenants, collecting rents online and by mail, handling complaints, and executing evictions.* We also offer a property emergency call hotline 24/7 and give tenants access to our internet portal.

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We provide a multitude of services to owners, including hiring insurance, such as liability and property insurance; when applicable, mortgages and property taxes; and filing corporation and tax return documents. We also give access to our internet portal so owners can consult the status of their investment.


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We work with our network of independent contractors based in the Detroit area to quickly repair your property cost-effectively when needed. Through our online portal, we offer tenants the ability to file work orders, and our text, email, and call system of the latest technology permit tenants and owners to stay informed about repairs’ status.

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